Webinar: Five Mandatory Questions to Ask your Billing Vendor

Webinar Overview:

Whether you’re installing an entirely new billing system or supplementing a legacy system, finding the right partner is crucial. Choose the right vendor and you could be catapulted to the c-suite. Pick the wrong one and you’ll be pushed out the door. It’s a high-risk/high reward proposition.

That’s because your billing system is the hub that interacts with everything from lead management to revenue recognition and everything in between. Yet, when it comes to selecting a vendor, industry analysts indicate that even some seasoned billing pros don’t know exactly what’s required for success in this increasingly customer-centric era. And, alarmingly, many don’t know where to start.

Bob Harden is a veteran billing practitioner that has been there and done that. His experience in the trenches at Experian and other enterprises gives him the insight to keep you from making crucial mistakes.

In this webinar, he’ll provide his top-five list of questions that everyone needs to ask a prospective billing vendor. Harden will dig into the questions to show you what to look for and why the answers often mean the difference between a successful launch or a stalled project.

Bob Harden

Bob Harden has 30 years of IT experience with over 15 years in recurring revenue strategies and implementations. He is the former Director of Billing Solutions at Experian and current founder and principal of The Harden Group, where he often teams up with Aria Systems to educate consumers on recurring revenue.

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