Webinar Replay: From One-time to a Lifetime:
The Recurring Revenue Opportunity



Series Overview:

47% of U.S. businesses have already adopted or are considering adopting recurring revenue plans, which allow businesses to cultivate and nurture long-term customer relationships while growing revenue for the company.

But adoption alone does not guarantee success. The trick is to take advantage of every recurring revenue moment to maximize the value of your customers over time.

Bob Harden, former Director of Billing Solutions at Experian and an expert in recurring revenue strategies and implementation, and Andrew Dailey, Managing Director at MGI Research, discuss how to convert your most precious assets into customers who will pay returns for a lifetime.


Recurring revenue models are increasingly popular, as nearly half of enterprises across all industries have abandoned the traditional one-and-done approach. This is the new normal. Forward-thinking companies like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb have disrupted established industries and delighted customers with new consumption and distribution models built on recurring revenue.

Learn about the new normal and the state of the billing market today,including the drivers of and opportunities with a recurring revenue business model.

Recorded on July 30th, 2015 

Andrew Dailey
Managing Partner

Andrew Dailey leads enterprise applications and billing solutions coverage as Managing Director at MGI Research, the leading independent research and advisory firm in billing and monetization. He has 20+ years of experience in diversified technology and financial services as a software exec, industry analyst (Gartner), and advisor to Fortune 500 companies.

Meet the Presenters:

Bob Harden

Bob Harden has 30 years of IT experience with over 15 years in recurring revenue strategies and implementations. He is the former Director of Billing Solutions at Experian and current founder and principal of The Harden Group, where he often teams up with Aria Systems to educate consumers on recurring revenue.