Does your company want to become the next Uber, Netflix, or Salesforce? These companies have crushed their competition and built billion-dollar valuations by focusing on recurring revenue models. We’ve all heard the buzz about recurring revenue, but to take advantage of the opportunity, you will have to completely change how you think about your current business processes. Our new ebook is a roadmap for doing just that.

Download Recurring Revenue Management for Dummies to find:

  • An overview of recurring revenue benefits and processes
  • Tips to choosing the right recurring revenue model
  • Pricing strategies that maximize revenue
  • Must-have capabilities for any recurring revenue management system

Successful companies manage their recurring revenue strategy to acquire new customers, reduce churn, eliminate revenue leakage, and fuel future growth. With Recurring Revenue Management for Dummies, you’ll learn how to think beyond basic billing, invoicing, and collections and enjoy all the benefits a successful recurring revenue implementation can bring, including: increased revenue, faster order-to-cash, reduced operational costs, greater customer satisfaction, and decreased security and compliance risk.

Recurring Revenue Management for Dummies is the informative, accessible guide to help you transform your billing operations into a revenue growth engine.