The Recurring Revenue Dilemma

Learn the Pros and Cons of a Cloud-based Solution vs. Managed Software


If you are considering the pros and cons of a cloud-based vs. managed software solution for your recurring revenue business, this insightful e-paper provides you the distinct advantages of using a cloud solution over managed software. Plus, you’ll learn about recurring revenue key requirements and pitfalls.

In this e-paper, you'll learn:

  • The attributes of a system that can truly enable successful recurring revenue initiatives or businesses
  • What systems are doomed to fail due to their limitations
  • A list of pros and cons for cloud vs. managed software


We felt strongly that the Aria Subscription Billing Platform could support a business of our scale. It allowed the fastest time-to-market and expedited global deployment with the monetization flexibility that we need now and for the future."

Brad Dudas | VP, Product Management