The Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to hit $8.9 trillion (yes, trillion!) in annual sales by 2020. New pricing schemes that leverage IoT’s data centricity mean big shifts for sellers who must respond to unprecedented demand for usage and pay-as-you go models. These shifts promise to be as big as the ones caused by the IoT itself. The companies that win will monetize everything to maximize the Monetization of Things (MoT). Getting it right from the “get go” will be imperative.

In one hour, you’ll learn imperatives to thrive in this new age including:

  • How to Monetize the IoT (MoT)
  • Key capabilities for MoT, including consumption data considerations
  • Designing a high performance infrastructure
  • Why speed matters now, more than ever
  • Case studies from companies that are leading the way

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Monetizing the Internet of Things


Brendan O’Brien
Co-founder and Chief Evangelist
Aria Systems

Scott Peterson
Director of Government Affairs